Danny’s Diner

danny-dillstoneDear MSNA Members,

Well, summer came and summer went, and it was all a blur. I’m still trying to get into my groove for the start of school. I would like to welcome everyone back and give a little information about our new Facebook page. www.facebook.com/MSSchoolNutritionAssociation/. We are working diligently to get this up and running and populated with all of the information on the 47th Annual MSNA Conference.
As the President of MSNA, I can’t mention enough the pride and gratitude I feel for each and every member putting their confidence in me to head up our great association this year. I hope to meet your expectations and hopefully exceed them through initiative, accountability, and professionalism, which I bring to the office.
The Executive Board and Steering Committees are working in overdrive to bring you some new and exciting ideas to the 47th Annual MSNA Conference. Break out your 70’s Soul Train/American Bandstand attire for the Industry party on Saturday night. You may say “party” on Saturday night? Yes, that’s right we have flip flopped the banquet and the party. Friday night we will have the banquet/opening session/awards and Saturday night is the 70’s Dance Industry Appreciation
Party with DJ and large light show. We have some other surprises planned so please check the Facebook page.
Excellence, responsibility, dedication, and professionalism are the MSNA way. I am elated to welcome all members back to school for the 2016-2017 school year because I know that every member will do amazing things with our children this year. So many of you will strive to improve on already great successes from the past, but the past is the past, and let’s continue to work towards the future. Our children depend on us and complacency is not the MSNA way! It’s exciting to work in an organization with such dedicated members, pushing for clear common goals, furthering the distinctions that define The MSNA WAY.

Have a great year and we will see you at the conference,

Danny Dillistone