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Executive Board (Voting) Section Chairmen

Section Chairmen

Section Chairmen shall be elected for a two-year term with one representative chosen from each of the following categories:

1. Single Unit

2. District Director/Supervisor

3. State Director/Supervisor/Specialist

4. College Personnel

5. Industry


1. Shall submit a report for House of Delegates to the President Elect and Secretary a minimum of three weeks prior to the MSNA Annual Conference and be prepared to give such report at the Delegate Assembly.

2. Shall promote the Association’s Plan of Action.

3. Shall express the views of the section represented when evaluating or voting on issues.

4. Shall act as a liaison between the section represented and the Executive Board.

5. Shall provide technical assistance to membership when necessary.

6. Shall provide leadership and support to membership.

7. Shall communicate with membership on a regular basis.

8. Shall provide membership with resource list and/or materials.

9. Shall promote membership in the Association.

10. Shall provide recommendations to the President Elect for appointments to committees and advisory boards.

11. Shall provide recommendations to the MSNA Nominating Committee for the ballot.

12. Shall attend Executive Board meetings as a voting member.

13. Shall attend a chapter meeting of each region at least once during the two-year term if at all possible.

14. Shall attend Delegates’ Assembly at the MSNA Annual Conference as a voting delegate.

15. Shall attend MSNA Leadership Conference prior to taking office.

16. Shall submit news articles of interest to the Magnolia Petals Editor.

1. Shall be elected for a two-year term.

2. Shall be installed at the MSNA Leadership Conference and take office on August 1. The term of office shall be August 1 through July 31.

3. Shall have held membership in the Association for at least three years immediately preceding the nomination.

4. Shall have demonstrated leadership ability by having served on the Executive Board. a Standing Committee, a Steering Committee, or as a Local Chapter officer.

5. Shall have attended at least three state-sponsored workshops and/or conferences within the last five years.

6. Shall be employed in the field of that section of the Association at the time of nomination, election, and term of office.

7. Shall be elected by the membership of the section represented.