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Committees & Advisory Boards: Communications



1. Shall develop an annual Public Relations Plan which identifies the public to be the focus of the committee and the activities to be completed. Example: “Public Plan”

A. Publicize MSNA calendar
B. State Legislature -prepare and deliver a lunch to the Senate and House Chamber during National School Lunch Week.
C. Superintendents -present a joint media workshop for Superintendents and Child Nutrition Directors on current issues.

2. Shall send a reminder notice of the deadline dates for Magnolia Petals to the following officers and chairmen who have columns in each issue:

A. President
B. President Elect
C. Treasurer
D. Professional Development
E. Nutrition Standards/Nutrition Education
F. Public Policy and Legislation
G. Membership
H. National School Lunch Week
I. State Coordinator
J. Regional Directors

3. Shall request other committee reports as needed.

4. Shall collect and be responsible for submitting media items to the School
Nutrition Journal and Magnolia Petals.

5. Shall coordinate all media contacts for the Officers and Executive Board.

6. Publicize competitions and awards:

A. Be responsible for publicizing rules and guidelines to aid schools in making application for award.
B. Work closely with Professional Development Committee Chairman to coordinate activities promoting the award.

7. Develop a file of publicity and other documentation of MSNA activities for the President. This is important for the MSNA’s Annual Report to SNA on accomplishments of the year’s Plan of Action.