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Committees & Advisory Boards: Handbook

(Subcommittee of communications)

Handbook committee shall consist of the President, President Elect, Vice President, the past two presidents, and others as appointed by the President. The Executive Secretary will also serve as a non-voting member of the committee. Handbook to be disbursed at June Board Meeting after using the following procedures:

A. Every handbook will be taken up from every officer at the Spring Board Meeting.

B. The handbooks not turned in will be requested from those officers who are not present. An account of all books will be made. A written record of handbooks turned in and issued will be kept by the Executive Secretary.

C. The Executive Secretary will take up books, and insert changes.


1. Keep the handbook revised and up-to-date as amendments and additional duties are defined by the Association.

2. Keep a handbook with a copy of the bylaws in it available for all new Executive Board members and Special Chairmen.

3. Develop the handbook of the type that pages may be added or deleted.

4. Keep the Association informed as to the expense of maintaining the handbook.

5. See that the handbook is kept up-to-date and available to all Executive Board members and Committee Chairmen at each meeting. If a question arises about policy or procedure, the handbook can be referenced or material added.