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Committees & Advisory Boards: Magnolia Petals Editor

(Subcommittee of Communications Committee)

The Editor of Magnolia Petals shall be the Executive Secretary. The purpose of the Magnolia Petals is:

A. To keep membership currently informed.
B. To share ideas.
C. To build a closer working relationship between the MSNA Executive Board and the Regions.


1. Shall submit an annual publication plan.

2. Shall submit a proposed budget plan to the Budget Committee.

3. Shall publish two (2) issues –Fall (hard copy mailed and e-mailed) and Spring (e-mailed)

4. Shall edit all copies to assure that Association philosophy and goals are appropriately presented by the authors and that program requirements are not misinterpreted.

5. Shall make arrangements for typesetting and printing of the newsletter.

6. Shall mail or e-mail Magnolia Petals to all members and other designated people -to include vendors or other VIPs as specified by the President.

7. Shall maintain a file of newsletters for as far back as reasonable.