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Committees & Advisory Boards: Membership



1. Keep on file a current and accurate membership listing. (This can be requested from the Executive Secretary)

2. Maintain records of 100% membership schools and districts. Make annual certificate awards for 100% membership.

3. Request the Executive Secretary to provide a quarterly membership listing to the President, President Elect, and Regional Directors.

4. Work closely with each Regional Membership Committee member on recruitment and retention of memberships.

5. Prepare articles about membership and send to Magnolia Petals editor. Include goals and objectives of MSNA in these articles.

6. At conferences and other meetings, ask for time to recruit members. Explain how membership can be of benefit by sharing ideas, problems and experiences. Stress the benefits of being a member of a professional association.

7. Provide an orientation session about MSNA and SNA membership for all new SFS administrators and managers.