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Committees & Advisory Boards: Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is made up of immediate Past Regional Directors and Section Chairmen. Each shall serve two (2) years immediately following their terms of office. Members of the Nominating Committee shall not be eligible for nomination for state office during their term on the Nominating Committee.


1. Shall prepare a slate of officers containing two candidates and one alternate for each office to be filed on the ballot in accordance with the Bylaws and accompanied by written consent of each candidate. The slate shall consist of names for:

Vice President -Each year
Secretary -Odd year*
Treasurer -Even year*

Regional Directors
Northeast -Odd year*
Delta -Even year*
Central -Odd year*
Southwest -Even year*
Coast -Odd year*

Section Chairmen
Single Unit -Even year*
District Directors/Supervisors -Odd year*
State Agency -Even year*
College Personnel -Odd year*
Industry – Odd year*

*NOTE: If a person is elected in an odd years as instructed above, he/she will begin his/her term of office in even years. If a person is elected in an even year as instructed above, he/she will begin his/her term of office in odd years.

2. Shall present slate of officers to the Executive Board at the Nutrition Education Conference for approval.

3. Shall make available no later than July 15 the official ballot along with a biographical sketch and photograph of each candidate to the Executive Secretary.

4. See the Election Process in the By-Laws for related procedures.

5. A form requesting an absentee ballot shall be published in the September issue of the “Magnolia Petals” in bold print. Any member not planning to attend the MSNA Annual Conference may complete this form to request an absentee ballot. The completed form must be received by the Executive Secretary before September 30. The Executive Secretary will print the ballots on October 1 and mail the requested absentee ballots no later than October 5. Members must return the absentee ballot before October 20 if they wish for it to be included in the election tally. Absentee ballots shall be placed in the locked ballot box and remained sealed until the Executive Secretary and Election Table Committee opens them for tabulation.

6. Ballots not mailed will be brought to the Annual State Conference and will be located at the Voter Registration table. A locked ballot box will be placed at the voter registration table for members to deposit the completed ballot.

7. When registration closes, the Executive Secretary and Election Table Committee will meet at a time and place specified and count the votes.

8. Election results will be announced at the Saturday Night Banquet of the Annual Conference.