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Committees & Advisory Boards: NSLW / NSBW

(A part of Nutrition Standards and Nutrition Education)


To implement a consistent plan to market Mississippi Child Nutrition Programs for two pre-determined weeks of each school year by coordinating with information on SNA web-site.


1. Be appointed by the President, subject to Executive Board approval, to serve for one year.

2. Be responsible for developing and implementing promotional activities for NSLW and NSBW, and encouraging each School District to participate.

3. Develop and implement at least one special event for our State to do different than those provided on a national level.

4. Attend Leadership Conference each year and provide a presentation and written copy of the plan of promotional activities developed for NSLW and NSBW.

5. Attend the House of Delegates each year providing a summarized report of activities in the form of an oral presentation and a written copy for the President’s report.

6. Publicize in the Magnolia Petals the upcoming events and the State and National theme chosen for National School Lunch and National School Breakfast Week.

7. Promptly fill out and turn in expense vouchers using the accounting system adopted by MSNA.

The Chairman shall encourage:

1. School districts to publicize local events through:

a. Local newspapers or school newspapers
b. School Food Service Journal
c. State Magnolia Petals newsletters
d. Radio
e. Television

2. Schools to invite parents to eat at school along with local Legislators and Public Officials.

3. Regional Communications persons to promote NSLW and NSBW at Chapter meetings by sending them a written request for such. Regional Directors and Regional Communications Committee members are requested to send a summary of the events from their respective regions that took place during these two special weeks. The deadline for these summaries is to be set by the Nutrition Standards and Nutrition Education Chairman and/or NSLW/NSBW Chairman in time to send the report to the President.

4. Compile results of local events and publicize in:

a. State Magnolia Petals newsletter
b. Local Papers
c. School Foodservice & Nutrition Journal (possibly)