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Committees & Advisory Boards: Nutrition Standards and Education



1. Evaluate and interpret nutrition trends and developments. Keeps the Executive Board informed on current nutrition data from SNA, USDA, and MS Department of Education.

2. Recommend nutrition standards for Child Nutrition Programs. Studies and acts as an advisor to MSNA on any Child Nutrition Program related nutrition problems.

3. Promote nutrition education by assisting MSNA members in promoting nutrition education activities at all MSNA Conferences (Annual, Nutrition Education Seminar, Leadership, etc.) and in Child Nutrition Programs.

4. Inform and make available to MSNA members an annual summary of developments relating to nutritional aspects of Child Nutrition Programs.

5. Work with the regional Nutrition Education Committee members to promote the nutrition activity selected for the year.

6. *Coordinate with the President and Executive Secretary the plans for the MSNA Annual Nutrition Education Conference, including:

a. Setting location and date for the conference and obtaining Executive Board approval.

b. Appointing Local Arrangements Committee, if needed, which functions similarly to the MSNA Conference Local Arrangements Committee.

c. Selecting theme and speakers, (presenting tentative program and budget) at the Executive Board’s November Meeting for approval before distributing registration materials.

7. Work with the Public Relations Committee to publicize all nutrition activities of MSNA.

*This is to be determined by the Executive Board as to whether there is a Nutrition, Industry or Legislative Seminar.

Revised 06/13