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Committees & Advisory Boards: Public Policy & Legislative


1. Shall develop a legislative program consistent with MSNA President’s Annual Plan of Action.

2. Shall develop legislative policy and positions for approval of the Executive Board and work with MSNA Lobbyist on legislation support and passage.

3. Shall develop and maintain a strong legislative action plan.

4. Shall develop and implement a legislative network throughout the state to keep members informed of current legislation and necessary action to be taken when a need arises.

5. Shall supply a list of names, office addresses, and telephone numbers of the members of Congress and State Legislature to the Executive Board and other MSNA members involved in legislative activities.

6. Shall attend the National Legislative Action Conference and serve as arrangements coordinator:

A. Set up meeting with Mississippi Congressmen prior to the Conference.

B. Arrange packets of material with pertinent information on the Child Nutrition Programs for Congressmen and Southeastern Caucus.

C. Study SNA Issue Papers prior to conference so facts can be presented to Congressmen in orderly, concise and positive statements.

7. Shall review correspondence received from the School Nutrition Association PPL Committee in a timely manner so information can be submitted to the Executive Board and membership for action when necessary.

8. Shall submit written reports to Executive Board and House of Delegates.

9. Shall submit a summary of activities to membership through Magnolia Petals.

10. Shall assist regional affiliates and chapters in the development of legislative strategies and Plan of Action.

11. Shall coordinate efforts with other organizations and agencies having common goals of legislation.

12. Shall provide current information to Executive Board on legislation introduced relating to Child Nutrition Programs, including bill number and/or copies when necessary.

13. Shall provide current information to membership at state conferences, regional meetings, chapter meetings, workshops, and in the state newsletter.

14. Shall coordinate support of bills of interest to MSNA with the MSNA Lobbyist.