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Committees & Advisory Boards: Resolutions and Bylaws


1. Shall be an active member of the Association for a minimum of three years.

2. Shall be able to write or review resolutions before submission to the Executive Board.

3. Must have attended at least two MSNA Annual Conferences as a Delegate prior to appointment.

4. Must have served as a chapter officer prior to appointment to the Executive Board.


1. Shall become familiar with the procedures for the submission and adoption of proposal for resolutions and bylaws amendment.

2. Shall review all resolutions for format and consistency with bylaws of SNA.

3. Shall review bylaws amendments proposed for consideration by the House of Delegates.

4. Shall advise the House of Delegates of recommendations.

5. Shall review the bylaws annually to ensure that they are consistent with the current philosophy and recommend changes.

6. Shall encourage regional affiliates to participate in formulating resolutions and bylaws amendments for consideration.

7. Shall provide leadership for recommending resolutions to the Executive Board.

8. Shall be available to the membership for suggested resolutions making special effort to work with Regional Directors.