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Executive Board (Non-Voting) State Director


The Coordinator shall be the Director of the Bureau of Child Nutrition Programs within the Mississippi Department of Education. The duties of the Coordinator are as follows:

1. Attend all Executive Board meetings as a non-voting member or send a designated person in his/her place.

2. Shall provide a written report for all Board Meetings.

3. Present a report or have a designated person present a report at each Board meeting from the Department of Education.

4. Coordinate with Legislative Chairman as necessary for Legislative monitoring and action to protect Child Nutrition Programs.

5. At the request of MSNA, make contact with USDA for speakers for the MSNA Annual Conference and other Association functions.

6. Coordinate Mississippi Department of Education activities with MSNA activities in a manner that will yield positive results for Child Nutrition Programs.

7. Shall keep the President and Executive Secretary informed of MDE functions and their dates so as not to conflict with MSNA.