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Executive Board (Voting) Regional Directors


1. Shall promote the Association’s Program of Work.

2. Shall express the views of the region chapters when evaluating or voting on issues.

3. Shall act as liaison between region chapters and the Executive Board.

4. Shall assist region chapters.

5. Shall communicate with region chapters on a regular basis.

6. Shall promote membership in the Association.

7. Shall share ideas for professional growth with chapter affiliates.

8. Shall coordinate plans for leadership conference with the President Elect (conference chairman).

9. Shall plan regional program for Leadership Conference in cooperation with the President Elect.

10. Shall survey region and provide recommendations to the Nominations Committee for the ballot.

11. Shall maintain a current file of the region/chapter officers and notify the President, Secretary, and Executive Secretary of any name and/or address changes.

12. Shall survey region and make recommendations to the President Elect on appointments to committees and advisory board.

13. Shall attend a meeting of each of his/her regional chapters at least once during the two year term of office.

14. Shall file appropriate expense vouchers to the President for reimbursement of Association expenses incurred.

15. Shall attend all Board Meetings as a voting member unless excused by the President.

16. Shall conduct at least two (2) Executive Meetings for the region affiliate section chairmen each year.

17. Shall authorize region’s affiliate expenditures by signing appropriate expense vouchers for such.

18. Shall authorize all region affiliate payments to the MSNA Annual Association out of monies collected by Chapters from registration, etc.

19. Shall assist in the development and coordination of the agendas used for chapter meetings pertaining to information to be conveyed on behalf of the Association.

20. Shall prepare the annual Activity and Financial reports of the Region for the Executive Board and MSNA Delegate Assembly.

21. Shall attend Delegate Assembly at the State Conference and have a vote as authorized.

22. Shall attend Leadership Conference prior to taking office.

23. Shall appoint special committees as necessary.

24. Shall submit Regional Outstanding School recipient information to the Professional Development Committee Chairman.

25. Shall submit Regional Scholarship applications and other Regional activity reports to the appropriate MSNA Committee Chairmen as required.

26. Shall obtain dates, times, and places of all chapter meetings within the region and report such in writing to the President and Executive Secretary.

27. Shall write a report on regional activities for at least two issues of the Magnolia Petals and forward to the Magnolia Petals Editor.

28. Shall work within the region to make proper arrangements for recognition of retiring members and other members who have made outstanding contributions to the profession and/or MSNA.

1. Shall be elected for a two (2) year term.

2. Shall be installed at the MSNA Leadership Conference and shall take office the following August 1. Term of office shall be August 1 through July 31.

3. Shall have held membership in the Association for at least three (3) years immediately preceding the nomination.

4. Shall have demonstrated leadership ability by having served on the Executive Board, a Standing Committee, a Steering Committee, or as a Local Chapter officer.

5. Shall have attended at least three (3) MSNA workshops and/or conferences within the last five (5) years.

6. Shall be regularly employed by a non-profit organization in an eligible field in his/her respective region.