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Executive Committee (Non-Voting) MAND Liaison


1. Shall be a Mississippi Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics member and represent MSNA in all MAND Board meetings and other functions as required.

2. Shall be able to keep MAND advised on current issues important to MSNA. Also, shall be able to keep MSNA updated on current issues important to MAND.

3. Shall be appointed by the President to serve one year.

4. Shall serve as an appointed member of the MSNA Board and shall be able to attend Board meetings upon request.

5. Shall serve as MSNA Liaison in coordination and publication of the MSNA/MAND calendar.

6. Shall keep the President informed of MAND functions and their dates so as not to conflict with MSNA.

7. Shall complete continuing education forms for CEU’s for Registered Dietitians for MSNA meetings when applicable.