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Executive Committee (Non-Voting) MASA Liaison


1. Shall be a MASA member and able to attend the scheduled meeting (usually held in Jackson) and contribute to the makeup of the MASA Board on behalf of MSNA.

2. Shall be able to keep MASA updated on current issues important to MSNA. Also, shall be able to keep MSNA updated on current issues important to MASA.

3. Shall be responsible (in cooperation with the Association President) for planning presentation and securing a speaker for the Child Nutrition interest session for the Fall MASA Conference.

4. Shall secure the required door prize for the MASA Conference.

5. Shall continue an ongoing MASA drive for membership from MSNA. (If we are going to be a part of this group, we need to increase our membership.)

6. Shall be appointed by the President to serve for three (3) years, according to MASA bylaws.

7. Shall serve as an appointed member of the MSNA Executive Board and shall be able to attend Board meetings upon request.

8. Shall keep the President informed of MASA functions and their dates so as not to conflict with MSNA.