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Executive Committee, President-Elect

The President Elect shall serve for one year beginning August 1 through July 31 of concurring year. Installation shall take place at the MSNA Annual Leadership Conference. The President Elect shall automatically become President of the Association at the end of his/her President Elect term of office. The President Elect shall succeed to the office of the President in the case of vacancy in the office and shall then serve until the end of the second annual meeting after said vacancy occurs. The responsibilities of the President Elect are as follows:

1. Shall perform the duties and functions of the President in the absence of or inability of the President to act and shall attend any meetings which the President is unable to attend.

2. Shall serve as MSNA Annual Conference Planning Chairman and shall designate a Program Coordinator for this function. (See section on State Conference.) A conference budget and tentative program overview hall be submitted to and approved by the Executive Board at the Spring Board Meeting. The President Elect begins the planning process for the Annual Conference as President Elect and is responsible for the Annual Conference held during the year of being President.

3. Shall preside over the House of Delegates at the Annual Conference and shall coordinate with the Association Secretary at least three weeks prior to the Conference.

4. Shall serve as a member of the Executive Board with voting and motion privileges.

5. Shall serve as Chairman of the Budget Committee for the ensuring year.

6. Shall submit both an operating budget and a conference budget for the ensuing year at the Spring Executive Board meeting.

7. Shall develop a one-year State Plan of Action for the implementation of objectives and strategies of the School Nutrition Association’s Mission Statement.

8. Shall plan an Annual Leadership Conference to include the following:

A. Presentation of the Mississippi School Nutrition Association Plan of Action for the upcoming program year.
B. Leadership guidance to State and Regional Officers, Chairmen, and Chapter Officers.
C. Instructions on Parliamentary Procedure, conducting meetings, and the use of the MSNA Handbook and Bylaws.

9. Shall represent MSNA at the following by attending all required functions:

Legislative Action Conference
Leadership Seminar
Annual National Conference
Any other National or State meeting per Executive Board approval

10. Shall keep up-to-date files and promptly transfer to successor.

11. Shall represent MSNA at meetings, both local and regional, as requested by the President or local officers.

12. Work closely with the State Director and State Staff in matters concerning the Association and SDE, particularly in coordinating dates.

13. Recommend Chairmen of Committees and Advisory Boards to serve during his/her term of office for approval of the Executive Board at the Spring Meeting.

14. Shall serve as Evaluation Chairman at the MSNA Annual Conference.

1. Shall have successfully served for one year as Vice President.

2. In the case of emergency before the end of the term, the Vice President will automatically become the President Elect.

3. Shall be regularly employed by a non-profit organization in an eligible field.