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Executive Committee, President

The president shall be the chief elected officer of the Association and shall serve one year August 1 through July 31 of the concurring year. Installation shall take place at the Annual Leadership Conference. The responsibilities of the President are as follows:

1. Shall represent the Association in policy manners, serving as the official representative of the Association with all outside agencies and exercising all other general powers of supervisory and active management usually vested in the office. Shall keep up-to-date files and transfer these to the successor and serve as resource person for the new President.

2. Shall serve as Chairman of the Executive Board, Executive Committee and MSNA Annual Conference.

3. Shall preside at meetings of the Association and Executive Board.

4. Shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees and advisory boards except the Nominating Committee.

5. Shall appoint, with the approval of the Executive Board, members of committees and advisory boards, except the members of the Nominating Committee.

6. Shall coordinate all committees except the Nominating Committee.

7. Shall follow up on the action taken by the House of Delegates and the Executive Board and take care of any correspondence and/or contacts as required by such action with the assistance of the Executive Secretary.

8. Shall establish time schedules for meetings of the Executive Board within the time frame set forth by the Bylaws. Meetings to be: 1) Winter; 2) Spring (seminar); 3) Summer (leadership); 4) Fall; 5) Annual Conference.

9. Shall follow up on the implementations of the Plan of Action/Program of Work. Shall disburse information through the Magnolia Petals and Leadership Conference.

10. Shall meet affiliation requirements of SNA by completing and returning all necessary reports and data sheets. Shall submit all reports required by the Southeast Regional Director and other SNA officials in a timely manner.

11. Shall serve as a delegate to the House of Delegates meeting of SNA and present a report of action taken by the SNA Board as well as other presidential activities to the Executive Board of SNA in the form of an annual oral report.

12. Shall serve as the official representative between SNA, State Association, Regions and Chapters.

13. Shall evaluate weaknesses or needs of the Association and set goals and implement plans for improvement of these areas. This usually can be done through the Program of Work.

14. Shall disseminate Association information and materials to regions to promote cooperation by sending out suggested leadership topics and agenda items prior to Regional or Chapter meetings.

15. When unable to attend in-state or out-of-state meetings, shall request President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer to attend.

16. Shall coordinate travel to out-of-state meetings with other officers.

17. Shall represent MSNA at the following by attending all required functions:

Legislative Action Conference
Industry Seminar (if funds are available)
Leadership – National (if funds are available)
Annual National Conference
Any other National or State meeting per Executive Board approval

18. Shall serve on the Budget Committee and shall also approve and sign all vouchers before payment by Treasurer. No voucher should be held over ten days before being presented to Treasurer. Checks should not be written without signature except in emergency situations.

19. Shall submit President’s Book to Southeast Regional Director as official entry for Annual President’s Awards which are announced at Annual National Conference. It has been traditional for President’s Award to be presented at the Annual State Conference to the State Department of Education for display.

20. Shall write President’s message for each issue of Magnolia Petals and submit any other information which will be of interest to the membership.

21. Shall be jointly responsible along with MASA Liaison for Section (MSNA) Meeting held during MASA.

22. Shall coordinate with the Executive Secretary the selecting, purchasing and presenting plaques to the outgoing elected board members as well as a pin and gift to the outgoing president.

23. Shall be regularly employed by a non-profit organization in an eligible field.

24. Shall provide a listing of VIPs to Executive Secretary for mailing of Magnolia Petals

25. Shall be bonded by the Association.

26. Shall place as available in a Certificate of Deposit to be presented for approval at the Spring MSNA Board Meeting until $50,000 is maintained in a Certificate of Deposit.