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Executive Committee, Secretary

The Secretary, elected in odd years, will serve two years, beginning and ending on alternate years with the Treasurer. Installation will take place at the Annual Leadership Conference and the term of office will start on August 1 (even year) and end on July 31 (even year).

Shall keep a current and properly written record of all minutes of MSNA in books belonging to the Association, which shall include: full name of Association, type of meeting, date, time, place, name of President, register of members present, and agenda.

1. Shall obtain from the Executive Secretary and keep on file an up-to-date roster of the Executive Board members and of the MSNA members prior to the Annual Conference.

2. Shall submit a report at each meeting or at the request of the President.

3. Shall be responsible for requesting and obtaining reports from State Officers, Committee Chairmen, Section Chairmen, Regional Directors, and Chapter Presidents. These reports are to be placed in folders and provided to the Executive Board (voting members) at Delegate Assembly.

4. Shall keep files up to date and promptly transfer to successor, being available as advisor to the new secretary.

5. Shall maintain tapes of MSNA Executive Board Meetings until the hard copies are approved by the Board and at Delegate Assembly during the MSNA Annual Conference. These tapes shall be provided to the incoming Secretary following end of term.

6. Shall request written reports from persons not present at Board Meeting. This shall be done within one week after the meeting. Reports not turned in shall be so noted.

Shall have been a member of MSNA for three years preceding the nomination.

1. Shall have served on the State Executive Board, a Standing Committee, a Steering Committee, or as a Local Chapter officer.

2. Shall have been actively involved at the chapter/regional level of the Association, through either an elected or appointed position.

3. Shall have attended one out of three preceding MSNA Annual Leadership Conferences.

4. Shall have knowledge of the proper procedure for recording and writing detailed minutes. Minutes shall be mailed to the Executive Secretary within 30 days after the meeting.

5. Shall have official approval in writing to serve from the local school district level, either superintendent or school board. This approval is to be provided to the Nomination Committee Chairman.

6. Shall be regularly employed by a non-profit organization in the eligible field.