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Executive Committee, Treasurer

The treasurer, elected on even years, will serve two years, beginning and ending on alternate years with the Secretary. Installation will take place at the Annual Leadership Conference and the term of office will start on August 1 (odd year) and end on July 31 (odd year).


1. Shall receive and have custody of all funds, with the exception of membership funds, of the MSNA and deposit same in the name of and to the credit of the Mississippi School Nutrition Association. Membership funds are sent directly to SNA and MSNA receives a state dues rebate monthly for all dues received.

2. Shall keep a full account of the receipts and disbursements in books belonging to MSNA.

3. Shall submit the following reports:

A. Balance Sheet
B. Statement of Income
C. Profit and Loss Statement
D. Itemized income and expense statements of all MSNA functions such as seminars and conferences.

4. Shall serve as Co-Chairman of the Budget Committee and shall notify the chairmen of other committees when their budget requests are due.

5. Shall work with the CPA firm hired by MSNA preparing tax forms prior to filing deadline, audit reports, and other such reports as required by the Executive Board.

6. Shall sign checks and pay bills according to signed invoices and vouchers approved and signed by the President. President shall be allowed to approve purchases and sign vouchers for his/her State Conference.

7. Shall secure a bond as required by the Association, amount to be determined by the Executive Board.

8. Shall be responsible for sending notices to Chapter Presidents/Treasurers when the Chapter books are to be audited.

9. Shall present at each Board meeting a copy of the year’s budget and up-to-date expenditures.

10. Shall attend the National Leadership Conference in the even years.


1. Shall have been a member of MSNA for three years preceding nomination.

2. Shall have served on the State Executive Board, a Standing Committee, a Steering Committee, or as a Local Chapter officer.

3. Shall have been actively involved at the Chapter/Regional level of the Association, through either an elected or appointed position.

4. Shall have attended one out of the three preceding MSNA Annual Leadership Conferences.

5. Must have applied knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting procedures (A basic accounting course would be helpful.)

6. Must have official approval in writing to serve from local school district level, either superintendent or school board. This approval is to be provided to the Nominations Committee Chairman.

7. Must be regularly employed by a non-profit organization in an eligible field.

8. Must be bonded by the Association.