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Executive Committee, Vice President

The Vice President shall serve for one year beginning August 1 through July 31 of concurring year. Installation shall take place at the Annual Leadership Conference. The Vice President shall automatically become President Elect of the Association the following August 1. The Vice President shall succeed to the office of President Elect in the case of a vacancy in the office and shall then serve until the end of the second term after said vacancy occurs.

1. Shall perform the duties and functions of the President Elect in the absence or inability of the President Elect to act.

2. Shall attend all Executive Board meetings with voting and motion privileges.

3. Shall attend MSNA sponsored activities and functions, including State Conference, State Leadership Conference, Spring Seminar and other special functions.

4. May attend National Leadership Conference, SNA Legislative Action Conference, and the Annual National Conference at the expense of the Association, if funds are available.

5. Shall serve on the MSNA Annual Conference Steering Committee and serve as Evaluation Co-Chairman.

6. Shall work directly with each of the Regional Directors in coordinating activities of the region and any other activities as suggested by the President.

7. Shall work with the Executive Secretary on the appropriate Annual Conference, confirm dates, times and places of 1) Convention Center, 2) Hotels/Motels, 3) other facilities (according to Annual Conference Policies).

8. In the event that the Vice President is required to move up as President Elect, a special election shall be held to elect a Vice President, the time to be determined by the Executive Board.

1. Shall have been a member of MSNA for three years preceding the nomination.

2. Shall have served on the State Executive Board, a Standing Committee, a Steering Committee, or as a Local Chapter President.

3. Shall have been actively involved at the Chapter/Regional level of the Association, through either an elected or appointed position.

4. Shall represent MSNA at the State Conference as a voting delegate and also attend the SNA National Conference as a voting delegate, if membership permits.

5. Shall have attended three out of five of the preceding MSNA Annual Leadership Conferences.

6. Shall have official approval in writing to serve from local school district level, either from superintendent or school board. This approval is to be provided to the Nominations Committee Chairman.

7. Shall agree to represent MSNA as required and be able to travel when necessary to fulfill all obligations of the Association.

8. Shall be regularly employed by a non-profit organization in an eligible field.