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Local Chapter: Step-By-Step Guide



A. Bylaws

1. Shall be in harmony with MSNA bylaws
2. Shall be updated with any changes that occur requiring amendment
3. Shall be a basis for conducting the chapter business
NOTE: A “sample” outline for chapter bylaws is located in this section.


A. Minimum number of meetings to be scheduled per year should be stipulated by the bylaws.

B. Content of the scheduled meetings should be presented by the incoming president for approval of the Executive Board. This program content should be based on the SNA and MSNA Plan of Action.


A. It is the responsibility of the President-elect to plan programs and activities for the upcoming year.

B. Plans shall be based on the current MSNA Plan of Action and adapted to the needs and wishes of the local chapter. Local chapters need not be overwhelmed by a need to carry out in detail all programs of the MSNA plan but should highlight the programs that are of interest to the local chapter membership.

C. Local Plan of Action may include:

1. Programs for chapter meeting
2. Plans for participation in Local, State, and National projects
3. Individual member activities including certification
4. Public relations programs


1. Be sure local members are familiar with bylaws and procedures at the Local, State and National levels (perhaps one program a year).
2. Be sure and assess the needs and desires of the local members.
3. Research the availability of resources for programs.

Some examples of local resources are:
a. MSNA and SNA Plans of Action
b. previous years’ program
c. School Nutrition Journal
d. MSNA officers or committee chairmen
e. Department of Education
f. local school administrators
g. representatives from colleges and universities
h. local related organizations: American Heart Association, American Dental Association, PTO, 4-H, American Dietetic Association, American Cancer Association, etc.

E. Introduce Plan of Action to your local Executive Board for approval.

F. After Executive Board approval, plan each meeting in detail, giving places, programs and assigned responsibilities for implementation.

G. Prepare a Plan of Action.

H. Plan of Action contents: (items with an * should be included; others are suggestions)

*1. Name of the local chapter
*2. List of MSNA and SNA officers, including addresses and phone numbers
*3. Local Chapter elected officers, committee chairmen and committee members, with addresses, phone numbers and school locations.
*4. Meetings -time, place, date, hosts, program, topic, speaker
*5. Conference and meetings dates and sites for SNA and MSNA
6. Date and organization of chapter
7. Letters to members from chapter president
8. List of past presidents
9. List of membership
10. Local chapters policies concerning courtesies to members
11. School Lunch and School Breakfast Week information
12. SNA, MSNA and local dues
13. Local chapter bylaws
14. Local chapter budget