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MSNA Budget

1. The budget shall be for the period of August 1 through July 31 of each year. The budget shall always be consistent with the terms of office of the elected and appointed officers and committee chairmen.

2. The budget shall be approved by the Executive Board at the Spring meeting.

3. The budget shall be prepared by the Budget Committee to be chaired by the President Eject and to include the President, Vice President, Executive Secretary, Secretary, Treasurer, and any other person to be named by the President.

4. The budget committee shall meet no later than February to prepare the conference and operating budgets to be presented at the Spring meeting.

5. The budget shall reflect all membership and consecutive revenue expenditures.

6. The treasurer shall report all financial transactions to the Executive Board in a manner reflecting budget authority and revenue expenditures on a year-to-date basis by category.

7. Annual Conference budget is to be developed and presented to the Board, along with the Conference Program, by the President Elect. This budget shall be presented and approved at the Spring Meeting.