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Special Events: House of Delegates


1. Shall be held during Annual Conference.

2. Shall be presided over by President Elect.

3. Shall be conducted based on Roberts’ Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

4. Shall be announced at Board Meeting, in Magnolia Petals, and by mail.

5. Delegates

A. Executive Board:

1. Voting members -President, President Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Regional Directors, Section Chairmen.
2. Non-Voting members -State Coordinator, Executive Secretary, Immediate Past President, Committee Chairmen from Nominating, Public Policy & Legislative, Professional Development, Nutrition Standards & Nutrition Education, Resolutions & Bylaws, Membership, and Communications.

B. Past MSFSA-MSNA Presidents

C. MSNA Standing Committee Chairmen

D. Chapter Presidents (one additional delegate for each 35 members over 35). Each voting delegate shall be an active, retired or life member of the Association.

6. Chapter Delegates

A. Cut-off date -October 1
B. Chapter shall meet criteria.
C. All delegates must be a current member

7. Responsibilities

A. Establishes the philosophies and goals of the Association.
B. Debates and reviews matter of professional interest to the Association.
C. Makes general and specific recommendations to the Executive Board.
D. Reviews reports of Executive Board members and State Committees.
E. Takes action on proposed resolutions and amendments to the Bylaws.
F. May be removed from office for just cause, by the Executive Board or 40 members of the House of Delegates.

8. Voting

A. Each delegate may cast only one vote. All votes must be cast in person.
B. Only voting and non-voting delegates will be seated on the floor of the House of
C. Majority of the voting delegates shall constitute a quorum. Rev. 6/2014
D. A majority vote of the voting delegates present at a meeting of the House of Delegates is required to amend the bylaws of the Association, change the Association’s membership dues, or remove an elected Association officer from office.

D. Chapter Delegates Presentation: The official date for the membership tally to determine the number of delegates each chapter shall have in the House of Delegates shall be October 1, preceding the MSNA Annual Conference for any given year. Only delegates representing chapter affiliates that have met the criteria herein will be seated on the floor of the House of Delegates. The number of voting delegates for each chapter affiliate shall be calculated on the following basis:

D. The chapter president shall be a voting delegate.
B. 35-70 chapter members shall have one (1) additional voting delegate.
C. 70-105 chapter members shall have two (2) additional delegates.
D. One (1) additional delegate shall be added for each 35 members above 70.

D. Reports

A. Shall be given by Executive Board members, Committee Chairmen, Chapter Presidents.
B. Shall be mailed to the Association Secretary (typewritten) three (3) weeks prior to Annual Conference.
C. Shall be duplicated by Association Secretary and Association Secretary shall compile packets for delegates.
D. Seating shall be arranged by the Secretary or other person designated by the President.