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Special Events: Leadership Conference


To be held each year prior to the President taking office.

1. Shall be planned, conducted and presided over by the President Elect, prior to the beginning of his/her administration.

2. Shall include Executive Board members and other designated appointees.

3. Shall have dates and location approved by the Executive Board.

4. Shall be done to develop leadership and present the Association’s Plan of Action for the ensuing year.

5. Shall coordinate the Program of Work with the SNA President’s Program of Work.

Arrangements to be as follows:

1. Attendance

All members of the Executive Board (voting and non-voting)
Appointed Chairmen and Chapter Officers
All MSNA Members
Invited Guests

2. Registration Fee -to be established by the MSNA Executive Board and shall cover the cost of workshop expenses such as postage, refreshments, meals, printing, etc.

3. Time and place of Conference -to be selected by the President Elect the year he/she serves as Vice President; to be put on MSNA-MAND Calendar; to be held in conjunction with the Executive Board Meeting and Convention Steering Committee meeting if at all possible; time not to exceed one-and-one-half days.

4. Program -to cover all officers and committees’ duties and requirements including expense payments/vouchers, officers’ travel, certification, awards/scholarships.