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Special Events: Conference Chair-President

1. Confirm site and dates of conference and exhibits with the Executive Board. Sites and dates are set four years in advance. Any changes must be voted on by the Executive Board.

2. Coordinate with the Executive Secretary the following information when in contact with hotels:

A. Name, address, etc.
B. Set up a meeting with their representatives and make tentative plans for the conference. (Find out the name of the person in charge of the conference and deal only with that person for the remainder of the time.)
C. Acquire listing of hotel room rates, complimentary rooms, etc, from all hotels, if applicable.

3. Select a Steering Committee. All committee chairmen will meet to make the following recommendations as a group:

Registration fee
Exhibit Booth fee

The MSNA Conference Chairman will present the registration fee and exhibit booth fee to the MSNA Board when presenting the conference budget.

The group will act as an advisory committee to the President on all other policies or decisions concerning the conference. The committee shall consist of the following:

Program Chairman
Local Arrangements
Special Interest Sessions
Industry (Golf, Bowling, or other) Tournament
Conference (Story Board, Tray, or other) Contests
Silent Auction
Banquet Seating
Transportation (when needed)
Special Committee
Fund Raising

Each committee shall consist of a Chairman and Co-Chairman at a minimum. The President makes the appointments. Appointments should be made on willingness to work, some experience (committee members must realize the work involved and be willing and eager to accept the challenge of planning and working on a selected committee), and representation from various parts of the state, etc. The President attends all committee meetings and other arrangements as he/she will be presiding over the conference. If the Vice President is not on the steering Committee, he/she should be invited to all meetings to ensure a smooth transition.

The committee chairmen are responsible for expenditures within allotted budget, submitting expense vouchers, completing deposit summary forms for any donations received, submitting a report after conference, and other duties as designated in the Steering Committee Handbook for the Annual Conference.

4. Select a conference theme.

5. Develop the program and obtain speakers. Coordinate all activities to be conducted through the entire conference into a time frame for ease and smooth flow.

The following format and program participants may serve as a guide for planning the program and the selection of speakers. Speakers are needed for the following sessions: interest, banquet, opening, section meetings, and other sessions.

A. Check various sources to secure the best possible speakers for convention.

1. School Nutrition Journal
2. SNA Speakers Bureau
3. Suggestions from other states or national conferences. (These can be obtained at the National Conference.)
4. Suggestions from members of MSNA.

B. Communicate with Speakers to Determine Availability.

1. Discuss time, schedule, type of presentation (interest, general, banquet, or other), expected attendance, and place.
2. Confirm financial arrangements. Any contracts must be signed by President or Executive Secretary.
3. Provide information on hotel reservations made for the night preceding and the night following program presentation, if needed.
4. Confirm in writing to speaker the topic, length of presentation, name of host/hostess, invitation to special meals, method of payment, etc.
5. Give registration chairman information for functions each speaker will attend. NOTE: Complete registration form for each speaker, or ask the speaker to do so.

C. Speaker Acceptance

1. Request manuscript, biographical information and photograph.
2. Request contract or letter of acceptance including fee if speaker is to be paid other than honorarium.
3. Obtain a list of equipment and other special needs for presentation.
4. Secure transportation needs such as plane arrivals, departures, etc.

D. Dignitaries

1. Request representative from USDA Regional Office to attend. Correspond to set up arrival, etc. Clear with the State Agency.
2. Request SNA representative attendance. Make necessary arrangements. Check protocol of who is to attend. Alternate years: SNA President, SE Regional Director.

E. Communication with Other Conference Committees

1. Notify (prior to conference) if speaker is to receive fruit basket (local arrangements committee) and/or check (Treasurer) for honorarium or fee at end of presentation, and make sure presiding officer gives to speaker before presentation begins.
2. Prepare a list of speakers, their place on the program, speaking time, title of presentation, equipment needed for presentation for Executive Secretary, Hostess Committee, and others as needed.

PROGRAM FORMAT is to be approved by the Executive Board. Approval for all program changes must be brought before the Executive Board.

A. Opening Session (President presides)

1. Invocation
2. Welcome
3. Greetings from State Department (State Director)
4. Introduction of Guest Speaker
5. Guest Speaker
6. Welcome from Exhibitors (Chairman from Industry Advisory Board)
7. Response to Exhibitors (Chairman of Exhibits)

B. Grand Opening of Exhibits

1. Ribbon Cutting (local dignitary -local arrangements)
2. Photo Session -The following are to be present for a photo session at the ribbon cutting: Local dignitary, MSNA President, MSNA President Elect, MSNA Vice President, MSNA Secretary, MSNA Treasurer, Exhibits Committee, Industry Advisory Board.
3. Music for Ribbon Cutting (local band -local arrangements)

C. Exhibitors Party

1. Band to play for entertainment
2. Special awards to Industry
3. Special awards to MSNA members

D. Delegate Assembly (President Elect presides)

1. Prepare agenda, give to secretary.
2. Contact Chapter Presidents for names of delegates; forward to Registration Chairman.
3. Arrange with President for Invocation.
4. See that the meeting room is sectioned off for each of the five regions. The Association has wood blocks to be used for this (secure from previous chairman). (Local arrangements)
5. Request hostess/host to help seat delegates. (Hospitality)
6. Arrange refreshments (Executive Secretary).

E. Special Interest Sessions (4-8)

1. Coordinate with President/Conference Chairman the topic for each session.
2. Arrange for speakers for each session and a person to preside and introduce the speaker.
3. Coordinate program ideas to go with SNA Program of Work.
4. Arrange for door prizes.
5. Notify hospitality/hostess/transportation committees of any special needs of speakers.

F. Breakfast

1. Chart seating for head table.
2. Arrange for the following:
a. Invocation
b. Introductions
c. Special music
d. Speaker
e. Presentation of gifts to President and other out-going Officers.

G. Executive Board Dinner

1. Executive Board, sponsors, and invited guests (spouses are not included)
2. State Department personnel (to be paid individually)
3. Dedication of conference (if there is to be one)
4. Format, place, menu, etc., to be determined by the Conference Chairman and Executive Secretary

H. Banquet

In order for the conference to run smoothly, the President or Executive Secretary should be responsible to the committee and other program participants for the following:

A. Registration

1. Prepare registration form for annual conference for distribution to membership in Magnolia Petals .
2. List officers, speakers, delegates, steering committee members, Industry Advisory Board, past presidents, chapter presidents and others who are to receive ribbons in registration packets.
3. Receive registration forms and registration fees for conference and prepare badges and receipts according to those received.
4. Provide name badges for speakers and invited guests.
5. Provide complimentary meal tickets and/or registration packets according to list provided.
6. Set up time frame for mailouts, deadline for registration and hours registration will be open.

B. Exhibits

1. Provide site for Grand Opening of Exhibits and hours.
2. Supply tentative program that can be mailed to exhibitors.
3. Provide other information that might be of help or interest to exhibitors.
4. Obtain a list of exhibitors and booth assignments for programs.
5. Supply one program per booth to exhibitors and party tickets as requested.
6. Schedule mail-out times, etc.

C. Hospitality

1. Working with Conference Chairman and Executive Secretary, plan decorations for tables and other areas as needed.
2. Provide to the committee a list of people to receive corsages, boutonnieres, fruit baskets, etc.
3. Plan favors to be used, and provide list to committee.
4. Provide a listing of conference activities that will need host/hostess.
5. Provide seating arrangement and place cards for head tables for banquet, breakfast, and Executive Board meal.

D. Local Arrangements

1. Provide input into menu selection for all meals and special events.
2. Provide assistance for selection of people to participate in special activities and entertainment.
3. Act as a resource for President-elect, Conference Chairmen, and Executive Secretary for local resources.

E. Publicity

1. Provide a time frame for all conference activities.
2. Send biographical information and photographs of speakers for publication.
3. Designate any special times or place that photographs need to be taken.
4. Provide any information or news releases for chairman for submission to newspapers.
5. Work with chairman on any live or taped radio or TV broadcast.
6. Coordinate activities with public relations agency (if any).

F. Evaluation

1. Assist in the development of an evaluation form to be used to evaluate the conference.
2. Assist in selection of methods and times for evaluation to be completed.
3. Compile evaluations and provide to President/Conference Chairman and President Elect.

G. Presiding Officers

1. Conference Chairman -issue invitations to preside and confirm
2. Conference Chairman/Executive Secretary -notify (prior to conference) if speaker is to receive fruit basket and/or check for honorarium or fee at end of presentation, and make sure presiding officer gives to speaker before presentation begins.