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Special Events: Duties of Conference Chair & Executive Secretary


1. Coordinate to set up a master account with the hotel. Confirm with the hotel as to who can sign for charges and the name of the treasurer who will be paying the bill. With input from committees, coordinate and make arrangements for meals, meeting rooms, etc.

2. Arrange to have programs printed. Meet with printer and set deadline. Notify all committees involved.

3. Send tentative program to editor of Magnolia Petals for news articles.

4. Order pins from SNA.

5. Obtain contracts from conference participants who will require fees. Confirm acceptance in writing of all speakers and program participants. List topic and length of time for speaker when contracting with him/her and in confirmation.

6. Obtain contracts from speakers before conference time. Copies of all resumes should be kept in file of President or Executive Secretary in case resumes sent to presiding officers are lost. Presiding officers are to receive copies of resumes. Local arrangements are to receive a listing of equipment needed.

7. Make hotel reservations for guests/speakers. Confirm at conference time or before arrival of guests/speakers.

8. Send vouchers to treasurer for any honorarium or speaker expense which will be given at conference. Place in a marked envelope and hold until appropriate time, then give to presiding officer.

9. Arrange for insurance to cover Association. Copies of policies are available upon request..

10. Write thank-you letters to program participants, conference committees, etc. Either Exhibits Chairman or President should write thank-you notes to all exhibitors.

11. Determine site, menu and program for the Executive Board Dinner.