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Special Events: MSNA Meetings


1. ANNUAL CONFERENCE: There shall be an annual meeting of the Association which shall be known as the MSNA Annual Conference. The date and place of this state conference shall be determined by the Executive Board. Notice of the state conference, including date, place and time, shall be sent to each member of the Association through publication in the official Association journal no less than forty-five days prior to the conference.

2. HOUSE OF DELEGATES: There shall be a meeting of the House of Delegates held at the time of the MSNA Annual Conference, called by the Chairman of the House of Delegates who shall be the President Elect of the Association.

3. EXECUTIVE BOARD: The Executive Board shall meet immediately before the MSNA Annual Conference and at the call of the President, or upon the request of sixty percent of the voting members of the Executive Board. Two-thirds of the voting members shall constitute a quorum.

4. NUTRITION EDUCATION SEMINAR: There may be a Seminar each year during the Spring. This will be planned by the Nutrition Standards Committee. The Executive Board shall decide whether to have the seminar.

5. LEGISLATIVE CONFERENCE: A legislative conference may be held annually to evaluate legislative needs and plan strategies for legislative activities. Members of the Association and non-members who have an interest in promoting food and nutrition programs shall be invited to attend.

6. INDUSTRY SEMINAR: An industry seminar may be held annually to provide dialogue between the Association and Industry, project program needs, and share technical assistance and expertise. Members of the Association, industry personnel, and others who have an interest in promoting food and nutrition programs shall be invited to attend.

7. LEADERSHIP CONFERENCES: A State Leadership Conference for all members of the Association, especially the Executive Board, Standing Committees, Advisory Boards, and Chapter Officers shall be held annually. The dates, number of meetings, and locations shall be approved by the Executive Board. The purpose of such conferences is to develop leadership and present the Association’s Plan of Action for the ensuing year.

8. SPECIAL MEETINGS: Special meetings and seminars of the Association may be called and approved by the Executive Board.