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Special Meetings: Child Nutrition Retirees Recognition


Recognition of MSNA member retirees serving 25 years or more in a Child Nutrition Program shall be made and they shall receive a certificate signed and presented by the current President. The designated time to do this should be at the MSNA Annual Conference.


MSNA will provide a memorial or sympathy gift or donation for the severe illness or tragic event of a current member of the Executive Board or immediate family; for a past State President or immediate family; for a MSNA staff member or immediate family; and occasionally for other supporters of MSNA, at the discretion of the President or Executive Committee.

Such a gift or donation will fall within the range of $50 to $100 in value, unless a larger amount is approved by the President or Executive Committee. It may be in the form of flowers sent to the family, donations to charitable organizations as requested by the family, donations to the MSNA Scholarship Fund, or other gift to the immediate family deemed appropriate by the President or Executive Committee.

Immediate family is defined as: spouse, child, or parent of those named above
Added 1/25/12