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Standards of Business Conduct for Board of Director Members

The Standards of Business Conduct (Standards) apply to all members of the MSNA Board of Directors. The Standards cannot address every applicable law or provide answers to all questions that might arise. Board members must ultimately rely on their good sense of what is right, including a sense of when it is proper to seek guidance from others on the appropriate course of conduct. It should be noted that other documents, such as the MSNA Governing Rules and Board Policies, also affect Board Members conduct. MSNA’s success depends upon maintaining its strong, positive public reputation.

Together with other applicable guidelines or policies of MSNA, compliance with these Standards will help protect MSNA’s reputation for honesty and integrity.

1. Compliance with laws – All Officers must respect and obey the laws of the jurisdictions in which MSNA operates.

2. Conflicts of Interest – Personal or business activities, relationships, or other interests of Board members must not conflict or appear to conflict with the interests of MSNA. All Board members will sign a Conflict of Interest Form for each fiscal year.

3. Accounts and Record Keeping- Every MSNA financial record and report should be accurate, timely, and in accordance with any applicable laws or accounting rules or principles.

4. Use of Association Assets – Association assets are to be applied to MSNA, not personal, uses. Assets include the Association’s equipment, computers, and software.

5. Protecting MSNA’s Non-public Information – It is the obligation of Board Members to safeguard MSNA’s nonpublic information. Officers should not share confidential information with anyone outside MSNA unless it is necessary as part of work responsibilities sand then only pursuant to a nondisclosure agreement.



MSNA Standards for Business Conduct requires Board Members to observe high standards of business and personal ethics in the conduct of their duties. As representatives of MSNA, they are expected to practice honesty and integrity in fulfilling their MSNA responsibilities and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

1. It is the responsibility of all Board members to comply with the Standards and to report violations or suspected violations in accordance with this Whistleblower Policy.

2. No MSNA member who in good faith reports a violation of the Standards shall suffer harassment or retaliation.

3. Violations shall be reported to the Secretary, who investigates and reports to the MSNA Executive Board.

Revised 6/2013