From Jeremy Berry

Wow, it’s hard to believe that we’re fast approaching the end of summer and about to begin Fall Semester 2020. The first half of the year has proven to be a very challenging year for MSNA Members dealing with this Pandemic. This year is already shaping up to become a record year for dealing with changes and challenges as we know it. MSNA has never experienced such a challenging and widespread occurrence. We have had numerous canceled meetings, learned to use Zoom for virtual meetings, and discovered alternate methods in order to feed our students. One thing I have to say
about our members is that we always rise to the challenge. To see how quickly our programs switched for the NSLP to SFSP to feed kids during the shutdown, was amazing. Our members are a cut above and will always take care of the children of Mississippi. As your new President, I couldn’t be happier with the way our members rose to the challenge. Nothing like starting the new school year off dealing with a Pandemic! I hope everyone is doing well and experiencing an exhilarating start for 2020.

Let us get down to business; In January, I attended the School Nutrition Industry Conference in Palm Springs, California. Industry Conference differs from most other national conferences in that operators and industry members collaborate on strategy, vision, and growth for school nutrition. The opportunities to engage and network with others is a significant benefit at Industry Conference. One of the most important aspects of this conference is it’s potential to provide a high level of professional development. I also had the distinguished opportunity to represent MSNA by participating in a Learning Circle which was new to SNIC this year. It was an honor to be selected to represent MSNA on this National Level. In March, I attended LAC, in Washington, DC; at the beginning of this Pandemic. I’m very thankful we made it and were able to complete the conference. What a tremendous experience it is to advocate for Child Nutrition on behalf of MSNA. A special thanks to Armer Moore, our PP&L Chair for organizing our visit to the Capital and leading us on our “Charge The Hill”.

I was looking forward to seeing you all at MSNA 2020 Nutrition Education Seminar and Leadership Conference but unfortunately, we had to cancel due to the Pandemic. Our Nutrition Education Committee had a wonderful Seminar lined up for members, so I would like to thank them for their hard work. Also, we had to cancel and reschedule the MSNA State Conference “All Shook Up” in November to April 15-17th 2021. I’m hopeful that we’ll be back to some kind of normalcy by then and be able to provide State Conference for our members.

In closing, this year will be our greatest challenge to reopening schools, feeding students, and daily life. I know our members will persevere and meet the challenges. As your new President of MSNA, I’m committed to meeting these challenges and continuing to make MSNA stronger for all of our members. Thanks for allowing me to serve as your MSNA President. I appreciate the work all of you do on a daily basis, while we serve our most precious assets; our students of the great state of Mississippi.

“Patience, Persistence, and Perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success” –Napoleon Hill

Jeremy Berry, MSNA President
Lincoln County Child Nutrition Director