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Message From The President

Three years ago, our world was chaotic and full of fear of mandated lockdowns and unanticipated school shutdowns. School nutrition programs operated in unchartered waters and the members of the association struggled to maintain motivation. Unlike many associations, MSNA remained active to the best of its ability and it subsisted the global pandemic.

It is my honor to be the President of this strong, resilient association and that is why the theme of the 53rd Annual Conference is Survivor. Much like the, MS gulf coast survived and thrived following Hurricane Katrina, this association will do the same post pandemic. MSNA is the voice of school nutrition. The members elevate the professional image of school nutrition and advocate at the national and state level. MSNA serves as a hub for members to network, mentor and build lifelong relationships. The members invite, include and value the contributions from stakeholders. MSNA is a thriving organization with a plan of action that encourages member recruitment, retention and leadership development through planned initiatives that prioritize member diversity, equity, inclusion and access to their professional growth.

I look forward to celebrating the successes that 2023-2024 will hold. As president, I strive to cultivate a safe environment where members feel comfortable to engage in open and honest conversation that will strengthen the organization. The unity of our diversified membership enriches our experiences. I hope that this is the year that you identify your place within the organization. If you need assistance, please reach out to me or a member of the executive board and committee. We are here for you! We are proud of you and all of your accomplishments! As you are faced with opposition, hardships or setbacks this school year, remind yourself that you are a survivor. You will survive!

MSNA Love and Mine,

Ashley Harris, MS, RDN, SNS
2023-2024 President