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Institute of Child Nutrition (ICN)

ICN provides resources, training, and research for USDA Child Nutrition Programs. This website provides resources for use in all aspects of operating a child nutrition program; training and staff development materials; online courses, including Nutrition 101; information about ICN events, workshops, and seminars; and much more. Click on the button below:

Nutrition 101

Nutrition 101 is a basic nutrition course developed specifically for school nutrition professionals. The completed course can be used to meet part of the requirements for the SNA Certificate in School Nutrition. The 8-hour course is available online on the ICN website link below:

School Nutrition Association (SNA)

SNA is a national professional association composed of school nutrition professionals at all levels of school nutrition programs. Information about upcoming meetings, resources for school nutritional professions, legislative updates, awards, scholarships, and much more can be found on the website. A members only section provides additional information. Go to the link below:

SNA Certificate in School Nutrition

The SNA Certificate in School Nutrition increases your knowledge of food safety and nutrition and demonstrates your commitment to your profession.  For information on earning the SNA Certificate in School Nutrition, the different levels, and maintaining your certificate, click on the button below:

SNS Credential

The SNS Credential is a mark of excellence and achievement that reflects the expertise needed to manage school nutrition programs.  For information on earning the SNS Credential and maintaining it, go to the website link below: