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MSNA Scholarship Application



    1. Submit a complete application to the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee by October 1 of every year.
    2. Have been a member of the Mississippi School Nutrition Association for the two (2) previous years.
    3. Be a legal resident of Mississippi.
    4. Sign a written agreement with the Mississippi School Nutrition Association.

More information can be found in the document below:


    1. Junior College or Vocational School course for Professional Development.
    2. College course for Professional Development.
    3. Enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program.

Please check the type of scholarship applications you are applying for and submit the necessary information.

    1. Copy of current MSNA membership card or label from SNA Journal.
    2. If applying for #1 or #2, send a copy of:
      1. Transcript or proof of High School Diploma or GED certificate.
      2. A letter explaining how the course/courses will help you improve the contribution you will be able to make in meeting the nutritional needs of Mississippi’s children.
    3. If applying for scholarship #3, send:
      1. A copy of program signed by your advisor of the college or university.
      2. Three references: one business, one professional, one personal.


      1. Applications will be considered only when all requirements have been submitted.
      2. The Committee will evaluate applications and, no later than October 15; notify each applicant of action taken.
      3. Scholarship and Award recipients will be announced at the Annual MSNA Conference.
      4. The funds for the scholarship will be disbursed to the individual when proof of enrollment and a receipt for a university or college course are submitted. The receipt does not have to be for the full amount of the scholarship. Reimbursement shall be for the full amount when proof of enrollment is submitted to the MSNA Treasurer.
      5. Funds from the Scholarship must be used within one year of receiving them.
      6. A letter of appreciation must be sent to the Industry Sponsor within two weeks after award. A copy for your file should be sent to the address below:

Pam Kirby
Professional Development Co-Chair
Rankin County School District
127-B Pleasant Street
Brandon, MS 39042

***Application must be received by October 1st to be considered in current year.

***All scholarships are to be used within one (1) year of receipt of scholarship award.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]